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Regular, routine maintenance can help lower your utility bills.

For each year an air conditioner is in use, it loses about five percent of its original efficiency without routine care. This means that your air conditioning unit has to work harder each year to do the same amount of cooling, leading to more wear and tear on the unit, thus costing you more money and shortening its life.

When your air conditioning system is regularly checked, it should have the capacity to serve you well and economically for several years – saving you money in the long term.

Performing routine maintenance on your air conditioning unit will help make sure you are getting the best from your system, resulting in significant savings on your energy bills while keeping your house comfortable.

We offer air conditioning maintenance schedules and agreements that provide for testing and ensuring your A/C system is well optimized for peak operations.

Coolant amounts are tested and properly regulated. It might be preventing your system from cooling correctly if the coolant levels are low or be a sign that there’s a leak somewhere in the coolant lines. Our service technicians check to make sure that the coolant levels are at a level for optimal performance.

Regular care also makes sure that the drains are not clogged and full of harmful bacteria. We flush exterior condensate lines with every visit. Water and bacteria can build up in the lines that drain excess water from your cooling system. To avoid water leaking problems, it is necessary to make sure these lines are not full. In areas where an algae build-up has been determined, we contain the affected region and clean.

We completely go over all elements of the system. A squeaky motor may need lubrication. In addition, we test all electric connections and controlling devices for proper voltage and correct fit. This includes calibration of the thermostat when needed.

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